Back-to-School Blog Ideas

July 2017, Volume 40, Issue 11

As the beginning of the school year approaches, principals are looking to connect with students, families, and other stakeholders. Traditional means such as phone calls and letters do provide important points of contact. But these days there are even more channels to spread your back-to-school message and meaningfully reach your audience.

Blog posts are one more way principals can share their plans for the coming months, help parents set up their students for success, or just get people excited about the beginning of another school year. The following prompts can help you reflect on back-to-school talking points and join the conversation on personal, school or district blogs. Consider writing a post on one or more of the suggested topics.

  • Consider “the secret life of public schools.” Write a post that lets the public in on one key secret, highlighting something they might not expect to see.
  • What was the best thing that happened in your classroom, school or district last year? How will it help drive your work this year?
  • What skill do you think is most important for students to develop, if they are to be prepared for future success? How are you (or your school or district) helping them develop it?
  • Classrooms, schools and districts across the country offer classroom and extracurricular opportunities that help students develop their skills and prepare for the future they see for themselves (including enrichment programs, project-based learning, electives, advanced courses, career activities and more). What kind of opportunities do you (or your school or district) offer to students?
  • Everyone in a school community plays a critical role in helping students succeed. Write a post about a time you witnessed this firsthand—a time when you saw a school counselor, custodian, community member, principal or another take action that positively impacted on a child.
  • What do you need to serve students even more effectively? Share what the community, school or district leadership, colleagues, the families you work with or anyone else can do to support you.

Looking for more ideas? These blog prompts were taken from the 2017 Back to School Communications Toolkit created by the Learning First Alliance (LFA). If you end up using any of them, please send a link to, and LFA will help promote it on social media. The toolkit hosts factsheets, social media language, and templates for letters to families. Visit for more.


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