Leading Learning Communities: Pillars, Practices, and Priorities for Effective Principals

Leading Learning Communities

Leading Learning Communities: Pillars, Practices, and Priorities for Effective Principals, like the two editions of Leading Learning Communities that preceded it, is designed to be a practical resource for new and experienced principals. It is a guidebook by and for principals. It is a distillation of the role of principal, informed and shaped by experienced principals in diverse schools across the country. It articulates a vision, and practical strategies for what effective principals do, focused on a core set of abilities and beliefs.

The guidebook provides a concise and practice-oriented philosophy of the principalship that is organized around:

  • Pillars: main areas of focus that define the “what” of the principalship;
  • Practices: corresponding strategies for “how” effective principals operate; and
  • Priorities: a shared set of core beliefs that describe the “why” of what effective principals do every day.

The culminating theory of the principalship is intentionally aligned to the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), which NAESP played a pivotal role in developing, as well as to pre-existing NAESP mentoring standards.

Download the Executive Summary.

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