Principal March/April 2016: New Approaches to Instruction

As the world around them is always evolving, today's students often benefit from new and innovative approaches to learning. The feature articles in this issue of Principal present real-world examples of the principal’s role in leading instruction—providing a complete education experience that builds on stimulating instructional practices that not only prepare students for college and career, but that are customized for today’s learners and are truly student-centered.

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Validated Change
We have no shortage of ideas for improving instruction. The challenge is finding the right ideas, validating them, and taking them school- or systemwide.
Justin Baeder

Scaling to the Top to Close the Gap
Special education and general education teachers teamed up to implement Marzano’s proficiency scales and improve student skills.
Andrea J. Spas and Steven A. Morrone

A Maker Culture
Flexible makerspaces teach students to take risks, inspiring a deeper form of learning.
Laura Fleming

Cultivating Creativity
Schoolwide collaboration and commitment leads to successfully integrating the arts.
Susan B. Herrera

Tips for Effective Blended Learning
Five steps to help teachers reach the delicate balance of blended instruction.
Amy E. Baeder


How to Tune In
Emotional intelligence pioneer Daniel Goleman weighs in on how education leaders can use the techniques to improve schools.

Shifting the Focus to People
Effective data system implementation is as much about leadership as it is about technology.
Vincent Cho, Ann Allwarden, and Jeffrey C. Wayman

Teacher Voice: Problem or Potential?
Take steps to enrich the voice of your vocal and not-so-vocal teachers.
Russell J. Quaglia and Lisa L. Lande


From the Editor
What Kids Deserve
—Kaylen Tucker

Research report, student recognition, teacher buy-in

Practitioner’s Corner
Data-Driven Bullying Prevention
—James Dillon

Raising the Bar
Getting Students to Care About Learning
—Sylvia Zircher

Ten to Teen
The Changing Science Classroom
—Nancy Foote

Speaking Out
The Decline of Art Means the Decline of Future Innovators
—George Szekely

Parents & Schools
Home Visit Tips for ELLs
—Belinda Y. Louie and Richard Knuth

The Reflective Principal
Double Duty
—Dan Butler

Principal’s Bookshelf

Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better
By Anthony S. Bryk, Louis M. Gomez, Alicia Gunrow, and Paul G. LeMahieu
—Reviewed by Brian Bond

Interactive Student Centered Learning: A Cooperative Approach to Learning
By Edward Spooner
—Reviewed by Jenny Nauman

It’s the Law
Yoga in the Curriculum?
—Perry A. Zirkel

A Brand New Sputnik Moment
—Gail Connelly