Principal May/June 2016: Professional Growth

In the context of today’s high-stakes accountability measures, principals are expected to achieve new levels of performance for themselves and the teachers they lead. This issue of Principal magazine aims to provide practitioners with a bevy of resources to continue their own professional learning and development, regardless of where they are in their journey. In it you'll find growth strategies that a principal at any stage in his or her career can apply.

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Throw Out a Lifeline
The supports that can help new school leaders stay afloat in the principalship.
Sandra A. Trach

Make an Impact
Hone your principal voice by listening, learning, and leading, as well as speaking for yourself.
Russell J. Quaglia and Peter DeWitt

The Call for Caring School Leadership
New professional standards serve as a guiding light for all aspects of educational leadership.
Mark A. Smylie and Joseph F. Murphy

Celebrate the Power of Coaching
Support school leaders’ growth through job-embedded coaching and inquiry.
Donna Anderson-Davis and Diane Smith

Problem-Solving Strategies from a Mentoring Principal
How to smooth fissures and build trust after a period of high turnover in leadership.
Chris Barnes

Beyond the Principalship
What school leaders need to know and do to prepare for post-principalship careers.
Susan McLester


What Assistant Principals Think
A roundtable discussion of the role’s challenges and opportunities for growth.

Fill Up Your Digital Toolbox
A wide array of digital tools and resources is available to supplement blended learning efforts.
Deborah B. Ford


From the Editor
More Than a Career
—Kaylen Tucker

Research on teaching English standards, tips on staff relationships and home visits.

Practitioner’s Corner
Thinking and Learning on Display
—Suzanne Gray

Raising the Bar
Moving a School With Number Talks
—Jenny Nauman

Best Practice
Start Recognizing Students
—Jonathan D. Mathis

Ten to Teen
Leading Through a School Restructure
—Dion Stevens

Speaking Out
Leadership Is Everybody’s Business
—Jay Harnack and Matthew Seebaum

Parents & Schools
Ease the Kindergarten Transition
—Brian Bond

The Reflective Principal
Teaching in the Principal’s Office
—Tricia Culpepper

Principal’s Bookshelf

The Changing Landscape of School Leadership: Recalibrating the School Principalship
By M. Scott Norton
— Reviewed by Jennifer Klipp

Tapping Into the Skills of 21st-Century School Librarians: A Concise Handbook for Administrators
By Audrey P. Church
—Reviewed by Jessica Johnson

It’s the Law
Evaluation of Principals
—Perry A. Zirkel

Pipelines as Lifelines
—Gail Connelly