Principal September/October 2014: Managing and Communicating Change

By now, we all know that the only thing that is constant is change. But we should add communication to the list. While managing the constant churn of shifting demographics, new operational systems and federal guidelines, and enhanced standards, it’s important for principals to prioritize communication. As the articles in this issue each emphasize, principals must not only lead and manage the logistics of ushering in new initiatives, but they must also master the delicate art of communicating and motivating the stakeholders who bring change efforts to life. Also featured are a wide array of web resources for readers to use to support and inform their practice.

*This year Principal magainze and Crayola teamed up once again to release another special arts-themed supplement, which includes stories from winners of the 2013-2014 Champion Creatively Alive Children grants.

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A Balanced Approach
Steven V. Hall and Susan K. Green
Create a smooth path while leveraging urgency in change initiatives.
(Article available to the public.)

Instructional Shifts for Online Assessments
Mark E. Shanoff
A six-pronged approach to prepare for the challenges of online standardized assessments can also help schools build a sustainable system for student achievement.

Change, Setbacks, and Transformation
Alex Magaña
A new principal takes on the challenge of transforming a struggling school.

Enhanced Student Teaching
Sharon P. Robinson
Teacher preparation programs are opportunities to strengthen higher education and P-12 relationships.
(Article available to the public.)


Early Learning Communities
A principal’s guide to aligning the stepping stones to success.

Bright Ideas
New principals share insights and solutions on leading high-needs schools, effective communication, and integrating technology.
(Article available to the public.)


From the Editor
The Only Constant
—Kaylen Tucker
(Article available to the public.)

Research on literacy, culture-building, appy hour

Best Practice
Connect & Celebrate With Facebook
—Kathy A. Melton and Melinda Miller

Practitioner’s Corner
Growing Sustainable Teacher Leadership
—Christopher Wooleyhand

Raising the Bar
The Trifecta of School Improvement
—Andy Petroline

Principal’s Bookshelf

The Secret Solution: How One Principal Discovered the Path to Success
By Todd Whitaker, Sam Miller, and Ryan Dolan
— Reviewed by Robert Shappell

Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times
By Eric Sheninger
— Reviewed by Regina Stewman

Parents & Schools
Partners in Transformation
—Angel Barrett

The Reflective Principal
A Connected Educator’s Journey
—Jenny Nauman

Ten to Teen
Equity and Access in the Middle
—Kaivan Yuen and Heather Wolpert-Gawron

It’s the Law
School Uniforms
—Perry A. Zirkel

Critical Conversations
—Gail Connelly
(Article available to the public.)


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