Is ‘Healthy Celebration’ an Oxymoron?

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, and we’re certain that many schools soon will be planning classroom or schoolwide holiday celebrations for their students. But as reported in the December issue of NAESP’s Communicator newsletter, some schools have cut back or completely eliminated sweets and other unhealthy foods from their festivities. Instead of cookies and cupcakes, they will be feasting on fruit and veggies, among other healthy spreads—all for the sake of children’s health. Some schools have even banned food altogether from celebrations. Have these schools gone too far? What effect have the mandated wellness policies had on your school?

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re: Is ‘Healthy Celebration’ an Oxymoron?

Re: Classroom Celebrations: Mention needs to be made also about allergies and dietary requirements for kosher and halal. You just can't assume that everyone would love to gobble down a cupcake or other goodies brought to school.