Doing Whatever It Takes, Part II

According to the numerous comments on the earlier post about activities that principals undertake in the name of student motivation, principals can get pretty creative when it comes to inspiring students to put forth their best efforts. But none of the comments included giving out cold, hard cash, as is the proposal for a special program in New York City schools. Participants of the program could earn up to $500 for doing well on standardized tests and showing up for class, The New York Times reports. The privately funded incentive program, which would start this fall, would also include cash payments for parents who provide stable environments for their school-aged children by, for example, keeping a full-time job and having health insurance. Opponents of the plan argue that students must develop an appreciation for learning for learning’s sake, and cash incentives do not instill this value.

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re: Doing Whatever It Takes, Part II

Opponents must not know the parents of the kids that are making it because so many of the kids get rewarded by money or special gifts. I know in our family we celebrate a child's good grades with dinner out at the child's favorite restaurant. Money is a motivator and the opponents fail to realize that in the business world this is tacket is used when bonuses, perks, commissions, etc.