Principals in the Blogosphere

Earlier this month, the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) launched the project “100 principal blogs in 100 days” to increase the number of principals in the blogosphere. CASTLE is offering to create and host principal blogs for free through at least the summer of 2007. So far, 33 principals have signed up. The project ends in January.

Thinking about starting your own principal blog but don't know how to get started? While teachers tend to use blogs as curriculum tools, principals lean toward using them as communication tools. To get started, read "Principal Blogs" and "Why Blog As An Administrator."

Let us know if you have your own principal blog and, if so, how you're using it in your school.

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re: Principals in the Blogosphere

It is very exciting to see the NAESP blog off and running! Way to go! I look forward to future discussion and collaboration with principals around the world.

re: Principals in the Blogosphere

I have just started blogging as a principal. I have only seen a handful of other principal blogs. I would like to see NAESP start gathering lists of principals' blogs out there. I believe that the more blogs I read, the better I will become at blogging myself.

re: Principals in the Blogosphere

Once principal's learn how to blog, it will be more productive.