A Principal's Job is Never Done

The role of today’s principals has changed dramatically
just within the last few years. Principals are expected to be mentors, managers,
and in some cases magicians. Yet one thing remains the same—their commitment to
the success of students and teachers. We hope that NAESP’s new blog, the
Principals’ Office, which launches today, will highlight the complex job of
principals and also dispel the notion that the principals’ office is a place to
visit only when there’s a problem to be solved. We also hope that principals
from all over the world will take a moment and engage in conversations with
their colleagues. Welcome to the Principals’ Office—where the door is always

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re: A Principal's Job is Never Done

Thanks, NAESP! The Principal's Office is sure to be a great tool for tapping into the expertise and knowledge of administrators across the world. Your initiative and creatively are appreciated.

re: A Principal's Job is Never Done

I am an elementary school principal who has recently started blogging. I was glad to see that NAESP has created this blog for principals, and I hope you will provide some assistance for us principal bloggers! I am looking to use my blog for communication with parents, students and teachers. Any ideas we can include in our blogs would be greatly appreciated.