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Principal, March/April 2021. Volume 100, Number 4.

Celebrating 100 Years

The Evolution of Principal Magazine
The first publication for principals was published May 1, 1921—a four-page bulletin outlining the new organization’s policies, purposes, and plans for the future. In 1932, it was renamed The National Elementary Principal, and it became an early version of the publication you know today—Principal magazine—in 1980.

Did You Know?

When NAESP was founded in 1921, it started out as the Department of  Elementary School Principals under the National Education Association. We—and the principal profession—have come a long way since then.

Be Part of the Celebration

All year long, NAESP is using #ACenturyOfNAESP on social media to highlight fast facts about the history of your association and look at how the principal profession has changed since NAESP was founded 100 years ago, in 1921. Add your voice to the celebration—using #ACenturyOfNAESP—by posting your favorite memories as an NAESP member or what makes you proud to be an NAESP member.

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