Principal March/April 2021: A Gender Lens

This issue of Principal magazine will help school leaders polish their gender lenses to break down some of the biases that put students at a disadvantage and prevent educators from reaching their fullest potential.

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Decoding Race, Gender, and Discipline
3 principles educators should follow to ensure that every Black boy can perform well.

Humanize and Educate
3 principles educators should follow to ensure that every Black boy can perform well.

Advocating for Intersectional Inclusion
Disabled students often have atypical gender identities that can benefit from a variety of supports.

No Holding Back
In spite of their numbers, women continue to face disadvantages in hiring for leadership.

Roundtable: Male Models
Male teachers are still a relative rarity among K–8 schools, leaving students without a diverse educational experience.


From the Editor
A Gender Lens for School Leaders

First Bell
School violence linked to student transfers; state policies promote principal quality; social studies improve reading comprehension; and more

Bulletin Board
NAESP and aligned resources that advocate for, strengthen, and support principals

APs Rising
What’s Your Leadership Style?
How well you collaborate can have an effect on student performance and school success

Women in Leadership
Patching the Pipeline
Equitable principal preparation programs offer women training in administrative skills and pathways to promotion

Show & Tell : Evan D. Winkler
Michigan principal starts first post during the pandemic

Strong Foundations
Ready to Read
Mississippi district uses professional development, data analytics, and rewards to create an effective, fun literacy culture

Exploring Equity
Rethinking Homework to Focus on Fluency
Data reveals that eliminating traditional assignments supports educational equity

Discovery Zone
Inspiring Instructional Innovation
4 ways to reimagine teaching and learning experiences for today’s digitally connected, tech-savvy students

Legal Lessons
A Reasonable Expectation
Taking steps to provide ordinary care during the COVID-19 pandemic could protect against legal action

From the Field
Member strategies for meeting today’s educational challenges

Exit Pass
All Means All