A Call to Action

To advance its mission and promote strong, coordinated advocacy programs, NAESP has created a new two-part program. This program is designed to give principals information on policy matters quickly and to foster greater communication, discussion, collaboration and strategic advocacy among NAESP members.

Federal Relations Network

The first part of this advocacy program is the Federal Relations Network (FRN). The FRN serves as a cohesive body of dedicated advocates comprised of Federal Relations Coordinators, State Leaders, as well as any NAESP members with a keen interest in policy, and a desire to actively participate in coordinated advocacy at all levels of government. Federal Relations Network members receive updates on the latest policy trends and topics discussed among policymakers at the federal, state and local levels and establish ongoing communications channels to share information, discuss issues, and articulate policy positions, both among fellow members of the FRN and directly with the NAESP advocacy team.

NAESP brings together the FRN members through weekly conference calls on Tuesday afternoons, which will serve to provide brief updates on advocacy including a summary of recent Congressional activities important to principals.

In addition, NAESP advocacy staff provides a weekly Politics and Policy Report that delivers a review of legislative and regulatory activities.

Finally, the Federal Relations Network has the ability to participate in forums and discussion with leading policy and thought leaders on issues impacting effective instructional leadership, as necessary, on an expected wide-variety of topics.

Advocacy and Advisory “A” Teams

To complement and reinforce the FRN and information sharing, advisory “A-Teams” will also be established on specific policy areas to react to the latest trends or policy developments, the impact of such developments, and set proactive policy positions.

The A-Teams will come together on specific policy and reform areas to discuss both state and federal level policy issues and background, share in-depth reactions, impact on practice, and develop a corresponding response, policy position and plan “package” to help coordinate advocacy. The group will design strategic advocacy efforts and to advance the voice of principals at all levels of government, particularly where there is an intersection of issues at the state and local level and the federal agenda.

The advisory groups will come together for focused discussion on the following policy areas:

  • Gun Violence and School Safety
  • Accountability, Standards and Assessment
  • School Improvement
  • Professional Development
  • Evaluation (Teacher and Principal)
  • Special Education
  • Rural Education
  • English Language Learners
  • P-3 Alignment

To join the Federal Relations Network or if you have any questions, please contact NAESP.