Creating a Culture of Literacy

6 strategies you can use to ignite enthusiasm for reading.

Research You Can Use

Do your literacy practices reflect the latest research?

Where Literacy Is Heading: News Literacy as a Signal of Change

Helping students unpack and understand the news is a critical component of 21st century literacy.

Set the Stage for Quality Feedback

Principals provide feedback to support literacy instruction.

Reading Across & Within the Curriculum

Best practices to support cross-curricular literacy instruction.

Postscript: The Great Conversation

The importance of telling success stories about public schools.

It's the Law: When Do Parents Really Pose a Safety Risk?

By Perry A. Zirkel
Principal, September/October 2017. Vol. 97, Number 1.

A relatively small percentage of parents may, at times, engage in conduct that principals regard as substantially interfering with the instructional process, or even representing a threat to the safety of members of the school community. In the March/April 2011 issue of Principal magazine, we examined court cases that illustrated the legality of various school district responses to such parental conduct.

Principal’s Bookshelf: Children’s Literature Fosters Foundational Skills

My journey toward enhancing a growth mindset with classroom visits.

Raising the Bar: Creating a Data-Driven School Culture

HSteps to find out where you are and map the route to where you want to be.

Early Career: "Yes, I Do Have an Agenda!"

Help for new principals to conduct engaging and meaningful faculty meetings.

Wellness: A School's Healthy Alternative

An Arizona principal turned his terrifying experience into a healthy plan to transform his entire school.

Practitioner's Corner: The Power of Peer and Near-Peer Efforts

By Johnathan D. Mathis & Jolon McNeil
Principal, September/October 2017. Vol. 97, Number 1.

Snapshots: September/October 2017

Does Project-Based Learning Impact Student Achievement?

Over the years, project-based learning (PBL) has become a preferred teaching approach, especially given its attention to real-world scenarios, student choice, collaboration, and other elements that reflect 21st century skills. But how, exactly, does PBL impact student achievement?

In the Spotlight: Georgia Assistant Principal Understands Her Impact

Principal, September/October 2017. Volume 97, Number 1.

Debra Malone

Cartersville Middle School
Cartersville, Georgia

Literacy Language Learning as Partners in the Classroom

Supporting English learners in the classroom requires seeing students as both literacy and language learners, even in the earliest grades.

Many Hands Make Light Work

How collaborative leadership leads to collective efficacy.

Attractive Best Practices

Magnet schools share their secrets to success.

Telling Your Story

If you don’t like what’s being said about your school, change the conversation.

Charter School Best Practices

By DawnLynne Kacer
Principal, September/October 2017. Vol. 97, Number 1.

Our nation’s system of public education becomes a learning organization when fostering opportunities for charter schools and traditional public schools to learn from each other. Optimal learning is bidirectional; however, there are a few areas where charter schools, by their very design, have expertise that can be shared across the public school sector.