Membership FAQs


How do I log into the members-only section of the NAESP website?

To log onto the members-only section of our website, enter your username (your email address), and your password (defaulted to your last name, all lowercase) in the member box to the right. You can change your password once you’re within your profile.

How do I renew my membership?

If you’re in a Joint State, you must renew through your state affiliate. Joint States include: AK FL HI ID MD MI MS MT NM PA RI TN VA WA WV WY or Map. If you’re in a Non-Joint State, you can renew your membership directly online by clicking the Renew Now button in the member box, or by contacting NAESP at 1-800-386-2377 or 703-684-3345.

How do I update my contact information if I’ve moved, changes schools, etc.?

Email NAESP directly at Be sure to include in the email your first and last name, the state you’re in, and what information needs to be updated in your member record. You can also update your information by logging into the NAESP members-only section of the website and clicking on the Update Your Profile button in the member box.

How long is my membership good for?

One (1) year

When do I start receiving my benefits?

You will start to receive your electronic benefits (like access to the website) within 24 hours. For other benefits, like receiving Principal magazine in the mail, please allow 3-4 weeks.

Where is my membership card?

Proof of membership is now available as a Certificate of Membership. Log into the NAESP members-only section of the website and clicking on the “Membership Certificate” link in the Membership menu. Your certificate includes your Membership ID, LAP Benefits (if applicable) and the membership expiration date.

Membership Certificate menu link

How do I contact my state affiliate?

Click your state on the Zone Map, or find your state in the Affiliate List to view contact information for your state affiliate.

Who is my NAESP State Representative?

View a list of state representatives.

How much are my NAESP national membership dues?

Your national membership dues depend upon the category of membership under which you enrolled*. NAESP dues for 2019-20 year:

  • Active - $235
  • Aspiring Principal - $80
  • Institutional Subscription - $150
  • Institutional Active - $280
  • Associate - $135
  • Emeritus - $80
  • Assistant Principal - $195
  • International Associate - $165

*Members in Joint States must also join their state associations. Joint States include: AK FL HI ID MD MI MS MT NM PA RI TN VA WA WV WY (view map).

Are my NAESP membership dues tax-deductible?

Dues and subscriptions paid to NAESP are NOT tax deductible for federal or state tax purposes.

I joined at the state level. Am I automatically a member of the National Association?

It depends on the state. NAESP has agreements with some states (Joint) that require an individual member to become a member of the state association when they become a member of NAESP and vice versa. View this map to see if you live in one of these states .

Can I pay my dues monthly instead of yearly?

If you are a member of your state association, some affiliates offer payroll deductions. However, at this time, NAESP does not allow for monthly payments.

How much legal liability coverage do I get as a member of NAESP?

NAESP members get $2 million in professional liability insurance coverage* and up to $10,000.** in legal benefits. Full details are available in this packet.

*Most, but not all, membership categories are eligible for this benefit.

**Benefit starts at $1,000. with an additional $1,000. for every year of continuous membership up to a maximum of $10,000.

How do I access my legal benefits?

Contact Jackie McGrail, NAESP Associate Executive Director, Membership, Development, and Affiliate Service, at or 703-518-6240, for more information about NAESP’s legal liability insurance coverage or to file a claim.

How do I connect with other school leaders?

NAESP provides numerous networking opportunities for principals, assistant principals, and other leaders in education, including its Annual Conference, National Panel of New Principals, Faces of NAESP, and our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn communities, Principal Roundtables, etc.

What resources do you have for early career principals?

NAESP has established a prestigious national program, the National Panel of New Principals (NPNP), for early career professionals in their first and second year of practice. To join NPNP, click here.