Per Pupil Expenditure Requirements

A provision of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requiring new public-reporting requirements is now taking effect that directly impacts principals.

Federal law requires states to calculate spending of local, state, and federal dollars by school and to make public a “per pupil expenditure” (PPE). While states have been required to report at the district level – reporting down to the school level represents a significant change. Communities will now be able to compare spending from school to school, as opposed to getting an aggregate number for the district, with student outcomes.

Principals will be on the front lines of this discussion with community members, district leaders, and the media. That is why NAESP has partnered with the Collaborative for Student Success to develop resources to help prepare principals for critical conversations around resource allocation in their community. These documents will help principals to drive an equity agenda for their school and can lead to more thoughtful decisions about what dollars are spent and how those dollars best serve students.

Download (PDFs):