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2020-2021 Advertising Rates

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2019-2020 Editorial Calendar

September/October 2020
Adapting to Change With Special Focus on Equity
How can principals lead through today’s changing circumstances while ensuring educational equity for all students?
Space Reservation: July 8, 2020

November/December 2020
Literacy Instruction

This issue focuses on leading literacy programs, ensuring reading proficiency, and how parents can help.
Space Reservation: August 24, 2020

January/February 2021
Leadership Teams

Principals need to know how to ask for help in order to lead effectively, and share leadership tasks with their staff.
Space Reservation: October 22, 2020

March/April 2021
A Gender Lens

Gender has a major impact in schools, including teaching, learning, and leadership styles; discipline & bias; and creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ students.
Space Reservation: December 18, 2020

May/June 2021*
Brain Research & Social-Emotional Learning
Healthy brain development depends upon social relationships, emotional experiences and cognitive opportunities, and if a learning environment supplies all three stimuli at opportune moments, children will thrive.
Space Reservation: February 23, 2021
*Bonus Distribution: NAESP Annual Conference (July)

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